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Album Reviews

CrossTies is an awesome group. They travel all over the world singing and ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On this page we will include album reviews from both the "Come Unto Me" and "Family Reunion " cds and as the new albums are finished I will add them to the list.

"Family Reunion"

CrossTies is a bluegrass gospel band based primarily on the combines talents of married singer-songwriters Jim & Karina Glaspy. Jim also plays, and quite well I might add, guitar and dobro on the recordings. Curtis Vestal, Billy C. Graham, and Cecil Conner assist the Glaspys with bass, mandolin, fiddle and harmonica accompaniments on their lates cd release, which consists of a mighty fine collection of gospel numbers that manages to touch the entire range of emotions: happy to sad, joyous to melancholy. Produced by the Glaspys with assistance from Graham, and recorded in San Saba Texas, Family Reunion is one of the most honest, heartfelt recordings I've come across in some time. When Karina sings, "You are the reason I stand here today; You are the reason I can throw my past away," you get the feeling she really means it. This type of emotional honesty is too often lacking in today's music industry. The stripped-down "Nearer To Thee", using just guitar, mandolin, and bass, allows the harmonies to step out front as they should, while "New Highway, which tells of one person's story of salvation, is upbeat, candid and beautifully sung. Karina Glaspy has a great bluegrass voice, and CrossTies' "Family Reunion" thankfully showcases it over and over again. Chris Case Bluegrass Now September 2001 Gospel Issue

Upcoming Shows

SEPTEMBER 8th---Comanche First Baptist 7PM Comanche TX SEPTEMBER 14th---Priddy Music Fest. All Day Priddy TX SEPTEMBER 25th---Living Word Church 6:30PM Brownwood TX OCTOBER 6th---Spring Street Church 7PM Mason TX OCTOBER 16-27th--Recording in Nashville Tennessee NOVEMBER 10th---Family Worship Center 6:30PM Kerrville TX

I may include detailed directions or a map to an upcoming show in this area.